Reward Wizard is the rewards site with a twist...

All you need to do is sign up, complete 1 offer on each Level and cash out - it's really that simple!

We've provided a breakdown of the offer page for you below so you can really get to grips with earning those magic pennies!

These are your levels, all you need to do is complete 1 offer on each level to cash out.
Your stars start purple, turn to silver when your offer is pending and gold when it's complete! Easy!

This tells you what level you're currently on, use the arrows to navigate through the offers on this level.

Here you can see the offer title, this tells you what the offer is and how much you can earn for completing this offer.
Click 'Give Me A New Offer' to see the alternative offer on this level.

Here are the offer details and instructions on how to earn your reward, this will give you all the info you need on the advertiser and what you need to do to earn this reward.

This is the important bit, make sure to pay attention to the offer terms and conditions. They are unique for every offer and are there to make sure you always earn your reward.

Finally, the good bit... Your earnings. Here you can see a total breakdown of everything you've earned so far...

You'll find all your earnings from your offers, bonuses and any referrals here.

Phew! That was a lot of information, don't worry if you're still unsure, our customer support team are on hand to answer any queries you have over on our FAQs. Click here to head there now.